Whitening/Pigmentation at hu-hu

  • Tailored Program

Patients have one-on-one counselling with dermatologists who have much experience in whitening treatment and can decide treatments that fit for them and dermatologists recommend a must-have and the most effective treatment.

  • Whitening and pigmentation treatment by causes

We provide patients with right treatment determined by age, symptom and pigment through scientific analysis. We can treat pigmentation that is even invisible with the naked eye.

  • Precise post-treatment cares

We offer tailored cares such as skin regeneration laser and soothing skin care as well as guideline for daily routines after receiving treatment. These systematic follow-up cares play an important role in preventing from recurrence.


Treatment order and details can be changeable and customized depending on patients’ symptoms and skin conditions after progressing counselling with dermatologists.


Freckles/Liver Spots

Treatment order and details can be changeable and customized depending on patients’ symptoms and skin conditions after progressing counselling with dermatologists.

A Diversity of Laser Treatment in Hus-hu

  • Fraxel Dual
fraxcel dual

Fraxel re:store DUAL is the latest version of Fraxel® serious, which was proven to be both stable and effective by the FDA. It is a non-invasive laser containing 1550nm and 1927nm wavelength lasers which effectively treat both epidermis and dermis layers to rejuvenate your skin.

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  • GentleMAX 3G Whitening

GentleMax is the first dual wavelength laser that combines the merits of GentleLASE and GentleYAG. Both GentleLASE and GentleYAG are very well known lasers in the U.S, Europe and Japan. GentleMax uses 755 nm, effective for treating pigmentation disorders and restoring skin elasticity and 1064 nm, effective for treating blood vessels. This means that GentleMax can treat pigmentation disorders such as discoloration, freckles and blemishes at the same time. It helps constrict blood vessels and restore elastic fibers in the dermis. Patients can see steady improvement of their face becoming brighter, purer and making them look younger.

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  • Lumenis One

Lumenis one uses diverse light waves. It is recognized for its effectiveness in treating various disorders such as freckles, lentigines (age spots), melasma, enlarged pores, blushing and etc. Lumenis One is and upgraded version of existing IPLs, and it distributes exactly equal amount of energy throughout the whole skin, by which maximizes skin improvements and minimizes side effects. Additionally, in cases of pigmentation treatment, it has an elaborate parameter to adjust depth and size which made tailored treatment possible for each patient.

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  • Cynergy Multiplex

Synergy Multiplex examines both the 585nm pulse dye laser and the 1064mn long pulse Nd:YAG Laser at once. It is known for very effective for treating the main causes of skin aging. Synergy laser can contract or eliminate old blood vessels which in turn lead to create new blood vessels. Also it provides heat stimulus to aged collagens around the blood vessels to induce creation of new collagens. Furthermore the heat stimulus tightens pores by removing hairs from follicles and regenerating collagens around follicles. Along with all these effects, synergy laser destroys melanocytes both in the epidermis and dermis to bring effects for wipe-out of melasma and freckles.

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  • Mosaic

Mosaic laser is an innovated fractional laser. A few hundred thousand micro laser beams would directly penetrate through epidermis to dermis layer, and the process forms hair-thin micro necrotic columns which stimulate skin layers to regenerate and energize collagen tissues.

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  • Laser Toning

Long-wavelength laser gets into the deep of the skin and works with melanin and hemoglobin. This will improve loose pores and blood vessels, ease facial blushing and make the skin clear.

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  • Er:YAG Laser

It uses 2940 nanometer-length to treat uneven area around scars and age spots by trimming projected parts and hollowed-out parts of the skin by accelerating collagen synthesis. It is effective for treating acne scars, surgical scars, pockmark, age spots, fine wrinkles and so on.