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“If I had received treatment at Hus-hu from the beginning, I would’ve gotten rid of melasma and pigmentation more quickly.”

“Other dermatology clinics only offer laser treatments, but Hus-hu is different.”

“I find Hus-hu’s treatment methods more reliable because I was diagnosed using VISIA and Vectra in addition to the consultation.”


※ These are the common feedbacks we receive from our patients who received melasma and pigmentation disorder treatments at our clinic.

“Why is Hus-hu famous for its melasma and pigmentation disorder treatments?”


※ When you visit a dermatology clinic, check to see if they have the Association of Korean Dermatologists mark, which shows whether treatments are actually provided by licensed dermatologists.

Difference 1. Procedures performed by dermatologists


Pigmentation disorders are considered complex and challenging problems to address. The key to proper treatment is having a thorough understanding of skin histology and determine the direction of treatment by making apprroapte predictions. Dermatologists are highly skilled medical specialists with advanced knowledge and experience in the field of dermatology compared to general physicians. Dermatologists must study and train in skin histology and skin science for a minimum of 4 to 6 years. In comparison, non-dermatologists study and train in these fields for merely 2 weeks.

Q. Why must I seek treatment from a dermatologist?

Accurate diagnosis based on the determination of the exact cause and progress is key to ensuring proper treatment.

Do they both look the same to you?

Actually, the skin condition is lentigo in Photograph A and melasma in Photograph B.

They may appear similar to the naked eye, but if you have a background in skin histology, you’ll immediately be able to tell the two apart based on the location of the pigmented lesions.


From the perspective of skin histology, when it comes to epidermal pigmentations such as lentigo (blemishes, age spots, etc.) and freckles, the pigments are concentrated in the basal layer, which is the bottommost layer of the epidermis. On the other hand, dermal pigmentations such as melasma and nevi of Ota, the pigments are located deeper inside the skin in the dermis layer. Also, even with the same epidermal pigmentations such as lentigo, café au lait spots and freckles, the reactions to treatments are very different. For instance, there are low risks when it comes to treating freckles with a powerful laser, but if a powerful laser is applied on café au lait spots, it may aggravate the melanocytes and cause darker pigmentation. Accordingly, safe treatment can only be guaranteed by dermatologists with the advanced knowledge necessary to make an accurate diagnosis of pigmented lesions and to employ a proper treatment method depending on the location of the pigmented lesions and the characteristics of the melanocytes.

Difference 2.

Scientific and systematic approach using state-of-the-art equipment


+VISIA Program

VISIA, a state-of-the-art skin assessment system, is used to find pigmented lesions that are not visible to the naked eye so as to predict the pigmented lesions that will likely develop in the future and determine the depth of the pigments more accurately. This ensure safe, accurate and tailored treatment.


+Vectra Program

Vectra is a state-of-the-art 3D camera, which is used to check the potential pigment distribution and predict the pigmented lesions that will likely develop in the future. Based on the results, a customized treatment is initiated.

Difference 3. Optimum effects with combinational treatment


No more uniform pigmentation treatments!

Customized Treatment Based on Individual Symptoms and Condition


Laser treatment > Whitening > Medication therapy


Treatment of pigmentation disorders is difficult due to the individual differences in terms of skin condition and characteristics. At Hus-hu, we provide medical skin care using the latest laser equipment and other medical equipment and combine it with drug therapy involving the use of topical and orally administered medications to produce optimum results.


Multiple Effects with a Single Procedure


Get rid of melasma and blemishes, contract blood vessels and enhance skin elasticity!

3G whitening Treatment of intractable pigmentation disorders Contraction of blood vessels

Enhanced skin elasticity

Treatment of stains and intractable pigment as well as tattooing of various colors!


Dual wavelength lasers are available for selective use, allowing the treatment of stains and intractable pigment as well as tattooing of various colors.

Selectively removes only the pigment in the area to be treated while minimizing damage to surrounding skin.


Personalized Melasma Treatment

Fotona Laser Toning

Treatment for melasma that effectively destroys the pigments that are present on the surface and deep areas of the skin


Selectively destroys melanin pigments Short procedure that causes minimal pain Stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the appearance of fine lines and pores

Can wear makeup immediately after the procedure

Treat epidermis and dermis layers at once!

Fraxel Dual

Hus-hu’s melasma treatment is less painful but more effective!

Improves skin tone and texture Addresses skin disorders arising from deep inside Wrinkles, acne, scars, melasma, pigmentation

Enhances skin elasticity


Hus-hu Premium Whitening Care

Topical and orally administered medications are prescribed to further enhance the whitening effects.

1. Deep Whitening Care

Iontoporation device is used to maximize the whitening effects by delivering a whitening and skin regeneration drug that contains active peptides into the passageway in the epidermis and dermis created through whitening laser treatment.

2. Chemical Peeling

Diverse types of peeling procedures such as tox peel, oxygen peel and PCA peel are applied depending on the melasma condition in order to promote skin improvement.

3. Pure Vitamin Care

High-purity vitamin C and diverse whitening ampoules are delivered to the layer with melanocytes using spring, ionzyme and electrophoresis methods, based on the patient’s skin condition. This is a medical skin care method that results in a whitening effect in addition to improving the skin texture and elasticity.

Hus-hu’s melasma and pigmentation treatments are recommended to…”

Those who have a mix of pigmentation disorders such as melasma and freckles, etc.

Those who have received treatments for pigmentation disorders but have not seen any definitive results

Those who want to see positive results within a short period of time

Those who are concerned with intractable skin pigmentation disorders

Those who want to brighten their overall skin tone

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