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What is Thermage FLX ?

Thermage FLX is the upgraded version of Thermage, which is a wrinkle treatment procedure using radiofrequency(RF) based skin tightening treatment. The RF energy can heat the layers in the skin, to stimulate collagen production, and to also tighten the skin, to make it look less loose, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Thermage FLX

For an overall younger-looking appearance,
Only hus-hu has know-how for the real you.

01. Use original tip

HUS-HU is a clinic which has been proved by Solta Medical. Before the treatment, we can make sure that the product is original one.



02. Expert dermatologist know how

Hus-hu dermatologists who do treatment exactly with a lot of experience in terms of Thermage during the 1th generation to the 4th generation of Thermage.



03. Elaborate treatment using 3D machine

It shows the result with 3D machine, you can find the difference after treatment.


Characteristics of Thermage FLX


Thermage FLX advantages and effect

01. 25% faster than Thermage CPT Total 3.0

02. The thermage system incorporates vibration on the face treatments, which has been shown to provide patient comfort.

03. It can send identical amounts of high frequency energy with Algorithm technology which can adjust energy automatically each shot.

04. It can send energy deeply with more huge tip then Thermage CPT.