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About Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a skin condition called stria distensa (striae), which is caused by destruction of collagen fibers in the dermis resulting from a sudden and excessive force on the skin that has had a prolonged impact or an increase in the adrenocortical hormones. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and there is lack of cellular activity and regeneration. If the condition is neglected for a long time, the skin will eventually lose its elasticity in addition to the appearance of stretch marks.

Causes and Symptoms of Stretch Marks

Considerable changes in the body weight

Pregnancy Unbalanced pelvis
Abdominal obesity Constipation

Prolonged intake of steroids


Excess hormones can cause degeneration of collagen in the dermis, and causes flesh to extrude out of the skin. When the skin expands suddenly, collagen and elastin forming the connective tissue in the skin get torn, and horizontal or vertical lines will form on the skin.


The early symptoms include an appearance of scarlet or red lines. When you take a closer look, the lines are depressed and feel bumpy to the touch. Over time, the color of the stretch marks will become lighter and change to a white color. It is most effective to treat stretch marks when they are still in scarlet or red color.

Typical Areas with Stretch Marks


Arms, chest, abdomen, sides, back, buttocks, thighs, behind the knees and calves, etc.

Hus-hu’s Stretch Mark Treatment Methods


Duet Lifting

Duet RF Lifting is a lifting procedure, which allows the Thermal RF and the Fractional RF procedures to be performed simultaneously. The latest RF thermal energy technology is used to lift the face and improve the appearance of wrinkles and scars at the same time.



Bella Sonic

Dual ultrasound is used to generate micro vibrations between the cell membrane and cytoplasm to activate the substances that strengthen the immune system and inhibit the enzyme that breaks down collagen so as to make the skin healthier. It improves the skin tone, boosts skin elasticity, and even moisturizes the skin. In case the patient has an inflammatory skin disorder, it will also provide inflammation relief.


How to Prevent Stretch marks

Massage the skin to promote blood circulation and flexibility.

Apply moisturizer after a shower to hydrate the skin.

Maintain the body weight as stretch marks are caused by a rapid weight change.

Beware of abusing ointments as certain ingredients may potentially lead to stretch marks.

Avoid wearing tight innerwear, which can prevent seamless metabolic activity.

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