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If you have the following concerns, then choose Hus-hu’s Medical Esthetics Program!

My skin always feels dry with lots of dead skin cells.

I don’t think doing facial masks at home is enough.

I want to improve my skin with regular skin care.

I want to receive professional skin care that suits my skin type.

I want to receive non-irritating skin care because my skin is very sensitive.

About Hus-hu Medical Esthetics

Hus-hu Medical Esthetics is a specialized skin care program that is carried out following an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s skin condition by a dermatologist.


If you want to improve your skin through regular skin care, or if you do not want to receive laser treatments because your skin is too sensitive, then we suggest that you try our Medical Esthetics Program.


Skin Care Program by Skin Type and Concern

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