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White Jade Injection


With glutathione (GSH) as its main ingredient, the White Jade Injection directly inhibited melanin production and eliminates active oxygen from our body for an anti-aging effect.

Cinderella Injection


This is an injection containing thioctic acid (α-lipoic acid), with an antioxidant power that is 400 times higher than vitamin C and E. It helps with recovery from fatigue and improves the skin.

White Jade Injection (Glutathione Injection)

The factor that determines skin color is the amount of melanin pigment produced by melanocytes. Glutathione, which is the main ingredient of the White Jade Injection, directly inhibits melanin production by melanocytes and helps whiten and brighten the skin.

Glutathione also provides fast and powerful antioxidant effects, and helps eliminate active oxygen from the body. By reducing the stress caused by active oxygen, it prevents damage to the skin caused by stress and aging, and makes the skin healthier overall.

The White Jade Injection is also recommended to those suffering from flu symptoms, chronic fatigue or exhaustion caused by excessive workload, as it will help them feel more lightweight and energetic through the removal of active oxygen.


Effects of White Jade Injection

Improves dark and dull skin tone Improves skin texture and elasticity Prevents and diminishes acne and acne scars
Promotes fast wound recovery Provides anti-aging effects through antioxidant action Boosts the immune system and helps with recovery from fatigue

Recommended to:

– Those who want radiant and fair skin

– Those who want to prevent skin aging

– Those who are concerned with dull and rough skin

– Those who constantly catch a cold due to a compromised immune system

– Those who are suffering from chronic fatigue

Cinderella Injection

The thioctic acid (α-lipoic acid) injection, which is colloquially known as the Cinderella Injection, is comprised of an antioxidant substance, similar to the glutathione injection, that plays an essential role in regenerating new cells and tissues to replace damaged cells and tissues. It uses the fat, proteins and carbohydrates in the body to generate thermal energy, which in turn helps prevent an increase in body fat, in addition to suppressing the aging process.

It has an outstanding antioxidant power, which is 400 times higher compared to that of vitamin C and E. This helps ease fatigue, leads to a whitening effect, and enhances skin elasticity and firmness.

Effects of Cinderella Injection

Helps burn fat and reduces body fat 400 times the antioxidant power of vitamin C and E Whitens the skin and improves skin elasticity
Strengthens the immune system and detoxifies the body Helps with weight loss and reduces swelling Prevents diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Recommended to:

– Those who want to lose weight and body fat

– Those who want to improve their skin tone and elasticity

– Those who want to prevent skin aging

– Those who often feel tired and out of energy

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