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Hus-hu, offering a differentiated lifting procedure

The dermatologists at Hus-hu Dermatology Clinic received training directly from the leading authorities on Silhouette Soft in Europe even before it was launched in Korea, and Hus-hu Dermatology Clinic became the first medical institution to introduce the product to Korea. It is the one and only member of Silhouette Soft International Medical Advisory Board in Korea, selected based on a strict evaluation of dermatological and plastic surgery expertise and know-how. Hus-hu is also the only dermatology clinic that acts as an advisory member at the Silhouette Soft World Expert Meeting.


The One and Only Member of the Silhouette Soft International Medical Advisory Board in Asia

Hus-hu Dermatology Clinic is the one and only member of the Silhouette Soft International Medical Advisory Board in Asia selected by Sinclair, which is the headquarters of Silhouette Soft and Ellansé based in the United Kingdom. The members of the Silhouette International Medical Advisory Board (MAB) engage in diverse research activities to develop new healthcare technologies and products, together with Sinclair, to contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology as medical pioneers. Also, we conduct lectures and hands-on experience programs for plastic surgeons and dermatologists from around the world to help them perform Silhouette Soft procedures properly.


Dr. Hong, a member of the Silhouette Soft International Medical Advisory Board

Lecture on Ellansé at the 2017 IMCAS World Congress

Three factors that differentiate
Hus-hu’s Silhouette Soft procedure


Scientific prediction of the results and elaborate design made possible with the use of state-of-the-art equipment

Vectra, a facial contour analysis program

This high-tech 3D camera is used in an analysis of sagging skin, facial contours and muscle layer to create an elaborate design for the Silhouette Soft procedure.

VISIA program

VISIA is a cutting-edge skin assessment system, which allows a scientific analysis of the areas with reduced volume that require lifting and determination of the most ideal treatment procedure.





A wealth of know-how gained through extensive experiences in performing the procedure

A hospital with the longest experience in performing Silhouette Soft procedures

Hus-hu Dermatology Clinic was the first medical institution in Korea to adopt the Silhouette Soft procedure. When it comes to Silhouette Soft, various aspects of the procedure including the type of thread and insertion depth must be individually tailored according to individual characteristics. At Hus-hu, we have accumulated a wealth of know-how, having performed the procedure for many years.

We are obstinate and relentless when it comes to producing the best results, while maintaining patient safety as our No. 1 priority, instead of attempting to perform as many procedures as possible within the shortest time.



A technique to insert the needle at the most ideal depth for every individual

A hands-on experience programs for dermatologists and plastic surgeons to ensure proper use of Silhouette Soft

Every patient has a different amount of fat and experiences a varying degree of skin sagging. Even the thickness of the fat layer varies across the face and body of the same individual. In the case of Silhouette Soft, it is important for the medical practitioner to gain a technique to insert the needle at the most ideal depth for the individual, according to his/her individual skin characteristics. At Hus-hu, we have been asked by the manufacturer of Silhouette Soft to impart our knowledge on the proper procedural method to plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the world.


The Foremost Leader in Lifting Procedures

Hus-hu Offers Optimum Face Remodeling!

About Silhouette Soft

Silhouette Soft is a new-concept lifting treatment, where PLLA is used to promote the synthesis of collagen inside the patient’s skin, which has lost its volume and begun sagging due to aging.

KFDA and CE-approved threads made from natural materials are used in the procedure. PLLA, on the other hand, activates the surrounding tissue and induces collagen production, which in turn lifts the cheeks and jawline for a younger appearance. In addition to gaining a slim jawline (V-line), you can experience a lifting effect, enhanced skin elasticity as well as clearer and more radiant-looking skin.

  • Natural fat repositioning effect
  • Natural-looking volume
  • Simple lifting procedure using threads
  • Collagen synthesis and enhanced skin elasticity with Sculptra
  • Facial remodeling that produces all of these effects at once!



New-concept Lifting: Hus-hu’s Silhouette Soft

Strong staying power with the patented cone technology

Effective lifting achieved according to the shape of the face

Increased skin elasticity and volume with enhanced collagen synthesis

Lifting + Volume = Silhouette Soft

  • Fat repositioning effect
  • Facial contouring design
  • Natural volumizing effect
  • Colorless natural material


Strengths of Silhouette Soft


Immediate and powerful fixation with the 360° cones!

The patented 360° cones fix the skin in place and tighten the skin for an immediate and powerful lifting effect.





The fixation points can be varied freely to lift the skin in the desired direction.

When it comes to Silhouette Soft, any area of the face can be used as the fixation points, which allows the medical practitioner to create a three-dimensional design depending on the extent to which the skin is sagging.



Promotes collagen regeneration to enhance skin elasticity and create a natural-looking volume!

Over time, there will be increased collagen production around the cones, and this will boost skin elasticity and create a natural volume.






A safe, colorless natural material that gets absorbed by the body!

KFDA and CE-approved threads made from natural materials are highly safe and are absorbed by the body.

Recommended to

Reduced volume in the face (laugh lines, depressed cheekbone area)

Asymmetric face

Sagging jawline

Reduced skin elasticity

Sagging cheeks

Those who want increased skin elasticity and volume

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