What is Fraxel re:store Dual?
Fraxel re:store Dual is a fractional, non-ablative fiver laser that resurfaces damaged skin and uncover youthful skin. Utilizing its dual wavelengths of 1550nm and 1927nm, problems on both dermis and epidermis can be effectively targeted and treated. 1550nm targets dermis to treat wrinkles, acnes, acne scars, brown birthmarks, café-au-lait, melasma, and other various scarring and pigmentations. 1927nm targets epidermis to treat sun spots, age spots, and improve overall skin tone & texture.
What is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)?
Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Skin Regeneration procedure, often referred as a blood injection, uses autologous blood plasma separated by centrifugation to inject platelet enriched growth factors into the bottom of your skin layer in order to trigger the regeneration of blemish-prone or damaged skin due to acnes, acne scars, melasa, hyperpigmentation and natural aging process. PRP can be used in conjunction with various other treatments such as hair regeneration and lipotransplantation.