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What is Hydro Lifting Injection?

It is a unique and exclusive treatment method only available at Hus-hu Dermatology Clinic. Elasticity Botox and together with the Brightening Injection help maintain the elasticity and add even more moisture to the skin.

Candidates for Treatment


While Hyaluronic acid filler with high water retention is injected directly into the skin to create a moisture barrier on dry skin. Hus-hu hydro lifting adds elasticity Botox to the Brightening Injection to enhance more elasticity in the dermal layer and help moisturize the skin.

You can get the full effect of moisture replenishment, increased skin elasticity, and improved fine lines.

Skin condition changes after Hydro Lifting procedure




Special advantages of Hydro Lifting Injection

– Tailored program for individual skin conditions

– Moisturizing and improving skin tone, elasticity, lifting, fine lines, etc.

– Combination of PRP and DNA injection Hydro-lifting subject (Change order) Moisturizing and volume control

– If you want to improve the pull in your skin

– People with dry skin with good keratin

– If you want a natural sense of volume  Elasticity and lifting

– If you want to improve wrinkles

– If you want elastic skin Skin improvement

– If you want to improve your skin tone

– If you want to improve skin texture

Hydro lifting duration

Depending on the individual’s skin type, 6 to 9 months of treatment lasts three times, once a month.

Post-treatment Cares

The degree of pain is small because the ointment is anesthetized and treated.

One or two days after the procedure, the skin may look slightly convex, but disappear naturally after a few days.

If bruising occurs after the procedure, it will disappear naturally within a few days.

Please refrain from exercising heat (sauna, exercise, etc.) for one week after the procedure.

Please refrain from exfoliating your face for a week after the procedure.

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