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Why? HA Filler at hus-hu?

Hus-hu maintains HA filler advisory committee that has been recognized by the HA filer Headquarter (Restylane, Pacific Parma)

Hus-hu maintains HA filler advisory committee that has been recognized by Restylane and Cleviel filler, representative companies in HA filler.

Treatment is performed by dermatologists acknowledged by the head office.

The treatment is generally known as safe but patients cannot be free from side effects if they receive the treatment from incompetent dermatologists. It is necessary for patients to receive treatment from dermatologists who have sufficient anatomical knowledge and experience in the field.

Special secrets of hus-hu HA filler

It uses disposable cannula to minimize the chance of having bruises and swelling.

  • hus-hu employs customized cannula depending on treating areas and skin conditions.
  • hus-hu always uses disposable cannula to keep up hygiene.
  • Patients are able to back to their daily routines right after the treatment.
  • hus-hu uses round-shape cannula to minimize the chance of having swelling and bruises are minimized.

Hus-hu always uses disposable cannula to keep up hygiene.

Patients are able to back to their daily routines right after the treatment.

Hus-hu uses round-shape cannula to minimize the chance of having swelling and bruises are minimized.

juvederm, cleviel, teosyal

Check out as you choose which HA filler to use.

There are a number of HA fillers in the market, so consult with your doctor about which one to use concerning the effects of the drug and the area to be treated.

  • 1. Is it a reliable product with recognized stability?
  • 2. Does the clinic use certified products with adequate amount?
  • 3. Is the doctor experienced with filler injections?

HA filler is advisable for those patients


  • Those who have a flat and indistinctive nose
  • Those who have a relatively small nose compare to the sizes of their own faces
  • Those who worry themselves due to a hooked or curved nose

Cheeks and nasolabial lines

  • those who look older due to deep nasolabial lines.
  • those who have ill-favored impression or they look sick

Forehead and chin

  • those who want to have rounded and voluminous forehead
  • those who are unsatisfied with irregular facial features due to their small jaws

Under-eyes and lips

  • those who have under-eye hollows due to fleshless face
  • those who have conspicuously thin lips

Types of HA fillers



Juvéderm is a filler approved by the FDA as a hyaluronic acid gel dermal filler. A filler that recovers natural volume using VYCROSS ™ technology. It is used in 101 countries worldwide and is a brand that accounts for 38% of the global filler market. (based on the record in 2013)

Juvederm, filler, HA

Features of JUVÉDERM

  1. VYCROSS™ technology

VYCROSS™ technology is a cross-linked technology of hyaluronic acid. Cross-linking technology is an essential point to effectively combine low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.


  1. Natural-look results

When the ratio of the solid and effective cross-linking between the molecules making up hyaluronic acid is increased, the viscosity and cohesivity are further increased. For hyaluronic acid filler products, viscosity and cohesion are important factors in determining the volume effect, naturalness and duration.


  1. Smooth texture

Juvéderm is made of a gel type. The soft texture is visible enough even to the naked eye.



  1. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® with Lidocaine

Premium filler that revives facial contours with volumizing

Treatment area: where the volume is required such as cheek and jaw line


  1. JUVÉDERM VOLLURE® with Lidocaine

Filler injected into the deep dermis to temporarily improve the wrinkles of the facial skin

Treatment area: Facial wrinkle area


  1. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® with Lidocaine

Fine wrinkles and lips that need delicate procedures can be applied, and less swelling and even volume can be maintained.

Treatment area: where the delicate design is required such as fine lines and lips


What is Teosyal?

Premium tightening filler of RHA(Resilient Hyal-uronic Acid) Method.

Teosyal Filler is premium tightening filler which maximizes advantages of Hyaluronic acid to improve its viscosity and elasticity. Teosyal, manufactured with RHA method, patented by Europe and Canada, creates uniformed particles and is known as best filler in both effectiveness and safety.



  1. High purity, High safety

Guaranteed safety with strict quality check, 20 times tighter than Europe Health Authority. Reducing risk of inflammation, allergic reactions and side effects such as fever, swelling, and redness by high purity hyaluronic acid.

  1. High elasticity, Better result

With great elasticity and cohesiveness, Teosyal allows practitioners to design volumes or facial lines flexibly according to patients’ need and desire.

  1. High resistibility, longer duration of effect

Hyaluronic acid filler will be decomposed in the body and vanished eventually. But the duration differs by products. Teosyal, made with RHA method, has great resistibility against factors that make hyaluronic acid be decomposed naturally. That is why Teosyal shows longer duration of effect than other fillers.


Types of Teosyal

Teosyal comes out in various types by the size of particles.

It allows you to choice the exactly right filler for you according to the lesion or depth of wrinkles and result comes out better as well.


Hyaluronic Aacid(HA) fillers provided by hus-hu



Making correction for subcutaneous malformation (wrinkles and skin fold) and lip augmentation treatment

  • Wrinkles (worry lines, crow’s feet) and under-eye hollows

Restylane Perlane

Removing subcutaneous wrinkles and lip augmentation treatment.

  • Deep furrows (nasolabial line), nose filler and a jaw-surgery.

Restylane Lidocaine

Improving facial lines temporarily

  • Whole face

Retylane Vital

Fine wrinkles will be improved temporarily

  • Whole face (rehydration and skin reproduction) and dark circles

Restylane SUBQ

Make correction for subcutaneous shape temporarily. Hollow-out areas or furrows will be replaced or recovered temporarily

  • Hollow cheeks, forehead volume, jaw surgery and petit surgery for breast and hip.

What is the Cleviel Filler?

Fillers treatment are well-renowned for simple procedure and faster results compared to surgical treatments. However, fillers could be pricy because short effect duration means a number of repeated treatments.

Cleviel filler is an ideal form of high-concentration HA fillers that makes the skin “last beautiful and longer.”

Now, you can try the cleviel filler that makes your dream come true – your beauty will last longer with only one procedure.

Chracteristics of Cleviel Filler

World’s first and best high-concentration HA filler


Cleviel filler shows satisfactory results after the treatment, because it contains twice as much of the highly concentrated hyaluronic acid than other HA fillers.

Straightforward product that allows prognosis


Less amount of cleviel filler is dissolved by enzymes, showing more stable effect that lasts longer. This enables doctors to anticipate the prognosis and thus providing patients with more accurate follow-up procedures.


High elasticity and viscosity enables long-lasting like plastic surgery


Cleviel filler has a tendency to preserve the shape due to its high elasticity and viscosity. It means that cleviel filler enables the shaping of more distinctive facial features that suits individual preference.

Even and tiny particles allow accurate procedures


Cleviel has more regular- and small-sized filler particles which enable more delicate shaping. This means an accurate procedure can be performed concerning each patient’s facial features and parts.

The HA filler with the longest duration


Cleviel filler has higher satisfactory rate than other filler products, since not much of a change occurs long after the initial treatment, until it is totally absorbed into the body.

Comparison of Cleviel filler and other HA fillers


Candidates for treatment

    • Ones who haven’t been satisfied with previous filler treatments
    • Ones who want to retain the steady, initial look with one-time procedure.
    • People busy with their careers, wedding preparations and etc. who want fast and effective results
    • Ones who want clear cosmetic effects but scared to go through with the plastic surgery.

All Licensed Dermatologists

Recently, many side effects can be seen as ill-considered general practitioners and non-dermatologists provide dermatology treatment at cheap prices. The results and the chance of side effects can be considerably varied even in the same treatment if it is not provided by dermatologists. Non-dermatologic Professionals also have little capability in dermatology as a result there should be differences in performing treatment. Notably high technique, rich experience as well as anatomical knowledge ranging from facial skeleton to muscle to skin and to nervous system are required for dermatologists to perform treatment without problems. Patients make sure whether clinics have dermatologists to perform treatment for them.

Clinic that has international medical advisory committee members


It is not an overstatement to say that Hus-hu maintains international medical advisory committee members who gained recognition from plastic surgeons and other dermatologists for performing lifting treatment.

Golden ratio knowhow offered by only Hus-hu

We give ideal V-line to patients by applying golden ratio that considers patients’ skin conditions, fat and muscle to treat Square jaw caused by loose skin and prominent bones.

Premium follow-up care

We maximize lifting effects after treatment by giving stimulus on treated areas using various devices. Patients will see greater effect for lifting, reducing fat and downsizing jaw muscle.

Doctors who teach other doctors

Our dermatologists hold seminars with rich treatment experience and know how to train other dermatologists and plastic surgeons from home and abroad.


Conducting steady study and numerous clinical experience in performing lifting treatment

We have been treating not only domestic patients but also almost 3,000 foreign patients every year. As a result, we are able to provide customized treatments based on much clinical experience compare to other dermatology.

The media pay attention on hus-hu

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