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What is GentleMax?

GentleMAXLaser contracts the blood vessels that have expanded while treating the pigmented lesions such as melasma, freckles and blemishes, and improves the elastic fibers in the dermis to progressively transform the skin to appear clearer, more transparent and firmer.


It is the world’s first-ever dual wave laser system that incorporates the strengths of GentleLASE and GentleYAG, which are known to be the top laser equipment in the U.S., Europe and Japan. You can use both 755nm, which is the wavelength to treat pigmentation disorders, and 1,064nm, which is used to effectively treat blood vessels and improve elasticity.

Characteristics of GentleMAX 3G Whitening

1. 3G Whitening


GentleMAX is a 3G whitening procedure where laser toning and genesis lifting can be performed simultaneously to improve skin elasticity and skin pigmentation disorders at the same time. This can address the inconvenience arising from receiving separate laser procedures to enhance skin elasticity and to ameliorate skin pigmentations such as blemishes and skin tone. Also, it effectively removes skin pigmentations that could not be treated using the conventional IPL procedures.

  • Optimum treatment procedure for skin pigmentation and whitening, with a high melanin pigment absorption rate and effective delivery into the dermis layer
  • Effectively treats pigmented lesions such as melasma, freckles and pigmentation
  • Effectively treats intractable pigmentation disorders that do not respond to the conventional treatment methods



2. Multiple Uses (Pigmentation, Blood Vessels, Elasticity, Hair Removal)


In the past, there was a need to undergo separate procedures to improve pigmented lesions (melasma, freckles and blemishes, etc.) and skin elasticity, but with GentleMAX 3G Whitening, you can receive Alexandrite Toning (755nm) and Genesis Lifting (1,064nm) simultaneously, and expect to see improvements in skin pigmentation disorders and skin elasticity at the same time.

You can also receive treatments for vascular lesions, elasticity and hair removal at the same time.

*Image of the blood vessel distribution

3. Fast, Powerful and Safe


It is a 26,333 watt system, which is the most powerful of its kind, with a huge laser beam and narrow irradiation intervals. Thus, it results in outstanding treatment effects, and the procedure takes a short time. When the laser is used, the built-in gas cooling system begins to operate to protect the surface of the skin. This reduces pain and heat sensation during the procedure, and minimizes pigmentation that may occur as a side effect of laser procedures.

*GentleMAX procedure


Q&A About GentleMAX 3G Whitening

1. How long does the procedure take?


It depends on the procedure, but the 3G Whitening treatment typically takes 5 to 10 minutes, while the procedures in the other modes (lifting, hair removal, etc.) are finished within 15 minutes.

2. How painful is the procedure?


You will only sense a bit of heat, so the procedure can be performed without anesthesia. It has a built-in cooling system which helps reduce pain.

3. How many times must the 3G Whitening procedure be performed?


You can expect to obtain satisfying results with just a couple of procedures; however, depending on your skin type and characteristics, you may need to undergo 3 to 5 procedures.

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