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What is Fotona Laser Toning?

Fotona Laser Toning has the ideal beam profile, compared to the conventional laser systems for treatment of pigmentation, and outputs powerful laser beams, delivering uniform energy for more effective treatment of melasma and pigmentation. It helps improve the appearance of various types of pigmentation disorders from melasma and blemishes to intractable pigmentation disorder, and can even be used to remove tattoos.

Fotona laser toning system delivers the laser’s uniform energy to the skin surface, preventing the laser from concentrating in one place. The same treatment effect can be seen throughout the treatment area.


Characteristics of Fotona Laser Toning

1. Effectively removes intractable pigmentations (melasma and nevus of Ota, etc.)

The energy feedback control method ensures that the energy value of the laser beam is maintained constantly throughout the procedure. This is why it is effective in treating recurring melasma, intractable melasma, light black spots (lentigo), acquired nevus of Ota, and café au lait spots.


2. Powerful laser output

With its powerful laser output, it can effectively remove tattoos better than the conventional laser equipment that irradiated multiple beams.


3. Improvement of acne and anti-aging effects

The laser beam from Fotona Laser penetrates deep into the skin at a uniform wavelength and can reach the main target with high accuracy. Thus, it can penetrate into the sebaceous glands and treat acne inflammation, while at the same time promote collagen generation to improve the skin tone and texture.


Strengths of Fotona Laser Toning


1.  Minimizes thermal damage and does not stimulate melanin on the skin surface, so as to reduce the side effects such as hyperpigmentation.


2.  The procedure is short and simple and causes slight pain, so the patient can feel more at ease.


3.  No scabs will form after the procedure, and the patient can return to his/her normal everyday life thanks to the short downtime.


4.  It facilitates collagen synthesis, thereby improving the appearance of fine lines and pores.


Fotona Laser Toning Recommended to:

1.  Those who want to remove their freckles, blemishes and recurrent melasma in a safe way


2.  Those who want to address melanocytosis such as the nevus of Ota


3.  Those who want to remove intractable brown macules such as café au lait spots and lentigo


4.  Those who want to remove their tattoos


5.  Those who want to improve the appearance of pigmentation in the elbows and knees as well as normally concealed areas such as the armpits, buttocks and groin.


Procedure and Treatment Time

1. Duration


It typically takes around 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the scope of the lesion.

2. Treatment period


The procedure must be performed every couple of weeks for a total of 5 to 10 procedures. Afterwards, receiving treatment every 4 to 8 weeks will help the results last longer.

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