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Why hus-hu’s Ellanse?


Hus-hu has doctors teach other plastic surgeons and dermatologists

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“ Do not be deceived by these claims! ”


Ellanse procedure is not something you do simply, a lot in a short period of time.
Ellanse injection and shaping is a very difficult procedure that an experienced dermatologist
will have to put his/her best effort while reminding of the patient’s condition and facial features.
Please keep in mind, hospitals that brag about giving excessive procedures during
a short while are not reliable and must be checked out beforehand

“ Make sure to check the following! ”


01 It seems like volume gets little bit reduced after 1 month since I got Ellanse, why?

Ellanse creates volumes immediately right after the procedure because of CMC. But the reason that Ellanse
can lasts more than 2 years is it’s ability to boost your own collagen regeneration by PCL. CMC creates initial
volumes at the very first, then are absorbed into your skin slowly during the 2nd to 8th week period so it
seems like volumes are reduced But from 8th week, volumes are generally increased again, when PCL starts
to promote your own collagen generation.
And the volumes, filled with autologus collagen lasts around 2 years. Your Ellanse procedure should be done
by skillful dermatologists who know those factors.


02 They say it doesn’t swell after Ellanse filler treatment. Is it true?

Most clinics advertise that Ellanse doesn’t cause swelling after the treatment. This is a misunderstanding;
Swelling is lessened when only small amount is injected, and there are not that many cases requiring large
dosage. Ellanse has both CMC and glycerin components that cause the swelling. Therefore, it is crucial to
check if your doctor has much experience in large-dosage procedures.

03 Did you know that? Prediction of results is really important for Ellanse.

Once Ellanse is injected, your face starts to swell. So if your doctor doesn’t have enough experiences,
you might get asymmetrical face because he can’t figure out what is volume and what is swelling.
Since volumes are created with autologous collagen, it is also really important for doctor to predict results.
That is why you have to check if he is specialized dermatologist who has enough experiences and highly
developed-aesthetic senses.
In hus-hu, our experienced dermatology will design your treatment carefully with accurate result
predictions, based on VECTRA photos in ultra-high resolution 3D.

VECTRA Multi-dimensional analyzing program


VISIA Program

04. Did you check the post management programs
they have against side effects?

It is hard to readjust the figure once Ellanse is injected and settled in. So you must check out if the clinic
can deal with post treatment for swellings or noticeable facial imbalances, and what kinds of preventive
programs they have against any side effects.

05 Is your choice of clinic the one that can rectify wrongful procedures
of other clinics’? Is it well-known for Ellanse filler treatment?

Ellanse might look like general filler but they are totally different. So if you’re considering taking retouch steps on
Ellanse treatment, you should go to the physician, a dermatologist, who fully understands
the Ellanse volume-adjusting cycle. procedures.hus-hu Dermatology Clinic is the one that fixes others’ wrongful


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Characteristics of hus-hu’s Procedure


Key Point of Ellanse


Boost Collagen regeneration and Make them last longer

Ellanse promotes collagen regeneration and its effects last for over 2 years.
It is a premium filler that will give you instant and natural volume effects.

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