Dr. Yoonji Kim

About Dr. Yoonji Kim

Director of Cheonho Branch

• Licensed Dermatologist

• Director of hus-hu Dermatology Clinic

• Previous Director of CNP Dermatology Clinic

• Previous Professor of Severance Hospital,

The Department of Dermatology

• Completed Residency at Soon Chun Hyang University Medical Centre

• Graduated from Medical School, Soon Chun Hyang University

• M.Med in Dermatology, School of Medicine, Soon Chun Hyang University

• Member, Korean Dermatological Association

• Member, the Association of Korean Dermatologists

• Member, the Korean Hair Research Society

• Member, Korean Acne Care Association

• Member, the Korean Atopic Dermatitis Association

• Member, Korean Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery