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What is the DNA Injection?

This is an injection therapy involving the use of polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) derived from DNA extracts from salmon.

When PDRN is injected into skin tissue, it helps damaged or aged skin cells to regenerate, leading to anti-aging effects. It is called the Salmon Injection not only because salmon is the source of its main ingredient, but also because it allows users to “go against time” in terms of their appearance, like how salmons swim upstream against the current.



Principles of DNA Salmon Injection Therapy

Salmon has a great number of DNA very similar base composition with that of humans.

DNA that is extracted from salmon becomes into PDRN for skin care treatment purposes.

PDRN, in particular, triggers cell regeneration, which in turns promotes wound healing and fills in scars and wrinkles with new skin tissue.

Effects of DNA Salmon Injection

Improves the appearance of acne scars

Whitens and evens out the skin tone

Promotes skin regeneration

Enhances skin elasticity and improves the appearance of fine lines Tightens pores

High survival rate of hair-follicle units after hair transplantation or hair loss treatment

Effects of the DNA injection by age groups


Teenagers : Recover from acne scars and maintain healthy skin tone

20s~30s : Recover from acne scars, shrink pores, increase elasticity and improve skin tone

40s~50s : Smoothen out fine lines, lift up saggy skin and show good results in anti-aging

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