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Ultra DermaCell Lift at hus-hu

DermaCell lifting, also called Ultra V-line lifting uses a specialized-medical thread (the same material with PDO, Polydioxanone thread), safe as much as it can be used for heart surgery.

The thread is safe as much as it receives four-degree in safety ratings from Korean Food and Drugs Administration (KFDA). It promotes vitalization near cellular tissues and helps stimulate collagen creation all of which lead to increase V-line effect of facial line, lifting effect and skin elasticity. Patients will see their clearer skin in the end.

Advantages and Effects of DermaCell Lift

01. Double crossing engrafting thread helps create more activated collagen.

02. Increase the effect of wrinkle improvement along with skin elasticity and regeneration of the skin.

03. Gaining the highest ratings in safety ratings from the KFDA.

04. Short run-time, zero burdens from local anesthesia.



1. When should I receive DermaCell Lifting?

When the elasticity of your skin and subcutaneous tissue has decreased


2. Insertion site

Inserted into the dermis layer, subcutaneous fat layer or SMAS layer, depending on your skin type and degree of sagging


3. Direction of insertion

Inserted upward, downward, and to the left and right to increase elasticity through collagen generation



This treatment is advisable for

  • It is effective for those who lose skin elasticity and have sagging cheek.
  • It is advisable for those who worry about nasolabial lines
  • It is advisable for those who want to slenderize their loose-jowled.
  • It is advisable for those who want to have a smooth oval facial line.

Post-treatment Cares

  • Patients can have bruises, swelling, red spots etc. But they disappear in 2~6 days in general.
  • It is necessary for patients to sleep in a right posture for 2~3 days after receiving the treatment.
  • Do not massage the treated area
  • Try not to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages for 2 weeks
    No sauna for 2 weeks

V-Line Lift at hus-hu VS regular Thread lift

  V-Line Lift Existing Thread Lift Facial Plastic Surgery
anesthesia local or sedation local or sedation general or sedation
session 1 session 1 session 1 session
post treatment – It maximizes lofting effects by taking overall factors such as skin, fat and muscle into consideration.
– The effects increase over time
– The duration is shorter due to weak tension of fixed points.
– Thread can be untied or cut.
– It is an operation done through skin incision so that it requires a long period of time for recovery.
– Scars can be remained.
pain It is less painful as it avoids touching sensitive skin tissues and makes fixed points. It can generate headache caused by the pain from fixed points. It can generate headache caused by the pain from fixed points.
daily routine without affecting 1 week 2~3 weeks
duration over 2 years
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