What is Cynergy Laser?

Received approval from both the FDA and the KFDA. It facilitates generating new blood vessels after contracting or removing extended and aged blood vessels. It thermally stimulates aged collagen around blood vessels and promotes collagen creation. This is an ideal laser as it promotes skin reproduction while treating the root causes of facial blushing and skin aging.


Two different lasers work as one system (585nm+1064nm) in Multiplex mode and synergy laser is available when using 585nm-pulse Dye laser and 1064nm-pulse ND-YAG laser independently.

Candidates for Treatment

Regular toning is effective for improving skin elasticity and tightening pores by helping collagen generation in the dermis.

It takes about ten minutes without anesthesia and patients can back to their daily routine right after receiving the treatment.

Patients can wear makeup flawlessly as the treatment helps them get clear and smooth skin by preventing formation of acne and pimples.

It destroys melanic pigment both in the dermis and epidermis and leads discoloration and blemishes to be faded away.

Post-treatment Cares

Face-washing and taking a shower are advisable one day after receiving the treatment.

Wearing light makeup is okay from one day later the treatment.

It is necessary to apply skin renewal creams and moisturizers on the treated areas.

Patients have to apply moisturizers before wearing makeup.

It is highly suggested to apply sunblock with SPF 30 or higher in order to prevent from having pigmentation.

Patients should avoid drinking and taking medicines such as aspirin during the first two weeks to prevent from causing blood coagulation.

It is not recommended using scrubs to exfoliate dead skin cells.

It is better to leave them until they are fallen away naturally.

Patients should refrain from doing heavy exercises and going for a sauna or public bath house (Jjimjil bang) when they have red on the face.