[May/June PROMOTION] Are you ready for Summer?

Say YES for NOmore Shaving!!!
Hus-hu offers the latest medical service and equipment to meet your health and beauty needs. In this hair removal treatment session, our experienced and expat-friendly dermatologist will laser away hair follicles from your body. Featuring the cutting-edge technology of GentleMax Laser. Hus-hu provides the perfect alternative to traditional hair removal methods. During your sessions, the hair becomes thinner and less dense causing the hair to stop growing in treated area. This state-of-the art laser helps to eliminate razor bumps and redness caused by shaving or waxing. Instead of tearing your hair out on your own, just grab this deal and let us do the work for you. 
Advantages of G-Max Hair Removal

1. 064nm of Gentle Max deeply penetrates into the dermal layer to effectively target stem cell of a pore which helps removing hair follicles permanently with minimally invasive procedure.

2. 755nm of Gentle Max burns off shaft of a hair follicle delivering excellent result for dark and think hair.

3. DCD(Dynamic Cooling Device) of G-Max protects epidermis by spraying cooling gas before directing laser.

4. 8mm of G-Max laser tip enables faster hair removal.


[May/June PROMOTION] How is your skin?

What is Fraxel re:store Dual?
Fraxel re:store Dual is a fractional, non-ablative fiver laser that resurfaces damaged skin and uncover youthful skin. Utilizing its dual wavelengths of 1550nm and 1927nm, problems on both dermis and epidermis can be effectively targeted and treated. 1550nm targets dermis to treat wrinkles, acnes, acne scars, brown birthmarks, café-au-lait, melasma, and other various scarring and pigmentations. 1927nm targets epidermis to treat sun spots, age spots, and improve overall skin tone & texture.
What is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)?
Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Skin Regeneration procedure, often referred as a blood injection, uses autologous blood plasma separated by centrifugation to inject platelet enriched growth factors into the bottom of your skin layer in order to trigger the regeneration of blemish-prone or damaged skin due to acnes, acne scars, melasa, hyperpigmentation and natural aging process. PRP can be used in conjunction with various other treatments such as hair regeneration and lipotransplantation.

[May/June PROMOTION] Botox Treatment for V-Line

☞ Square Jaw Reduction


Botulinum Toxin can deliver significant slimming effect on a squared jaw line creating slim v-shaped jaw line. Since squared lower jaw is often caused by overly developed temporalis and masseter muscles (chewing muscles) instead of the actual lower jaw bone being over-sized, people with heavily developed masseter muscles will be able to see greater slimming effect

with Botox injection treatment. The effect of Botox treatment starts to kick in 6 weeks post after the injection in general. The result will last longer up to 1.5~2 years after 3 sessions of intensive Botox treatment.


Note: Habitual bruxism and chewing hard food such as meat, dried squid often may cause the shortening the effect of Botox treatment.




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