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What is HPL?

HPL, which stands for hypotonic pharmacologic lipodissolution, involves injecting a special injection containing a mix of various solutions for the breakdown of fat and hypotonic fat dissolution solution into the target area for fat elimination. When the solution mixture is injected into the area, the cluster of adipose cells become separated due to osmosis, and the complex drug action results in dissolution of adipose cells.

Advantages of HPL

1. It reduces the size of the fat layer to effectively change the shape of the target area.

2. You can return to your normal daily routines immediately after the procedure.

3. You can observe outstanding effects more quickly compared to other similar procedures.

HPL procedure method

1. The lipodissolution drug solution is evenly injected into the procedure site using an injector.

2. The procedure is performed every 1 to 2 weeks (3 to 5 times).

3. The procedure takes around 40 to 60 minutes per site.

HPL is recommended to:

Those who want to change their body shape within a short period of time

Those who want to get rid of the fat that is difficult to remove

Those who want to get rid of fat in specific areas such as the thighs and upper arms

Those who are scared of surgical means such as liposuction

Those who want to achieve synergistic effects by combining exercise


About RF Therapy

The RF therapy involves the use of high-frequency thermal energy to eliminate cellulite. It helps break down and get rid of the visceral fat in the abdomen, which is difficult to remove, and facilitates waste elimination and cellulite breakdown.

Principles of the RF Therapy

An RF stimulator is used to deliver RF waves deep into the skin. Once inside the body, the RF waves are converted into thermal energy, which then increases the body temperature. This in turn promotes the cell functions, lymph circulation and blood circulation.

Effects of the RF Therapy

  • Removes cellulite and breaks down fat
  • Effectively eliminates waste
  • Effectively tones the entire body by relaxing the muscles
  • Promotes blood circulation and boosts metabolism

RF Therapy is recommended to:

  • Those who are concerned with abdominal obesity
  • Those who are concerned with obesity in specific areas of the body incl. thighs and lower legs
  • Those who want to get rid of cellulite
  • Those who want to ease swelling in the face and certain areas of the body

About Cryolipo(Cryolipolysis) Procedure

This is a non-surgical procedure that has been developed based on the principle that the fat cells in the human body break down naturally when they are cooled under special conditions. The equipment has been officially approved by MFDS as a “non-invasive fat reduction device.” This is a safe procedure that leads to satisfying results using the powerful cooling engine, which cools the procedure site to -9°C, and the internationally patented skin protection technology.

Characteristics and Advantages of Cryolipo

Can be used on diverse areas of the body Comfortable procedure that does not require any anesthesia as it causes zero pain or scarring Guaranteed safety with official approval from the MFDS as a fat reducing device
Two hand pieces that reduce the duration of procedure by half compared to other similar devices Lowers the temperature further than any other devices all the way to -9°C Zero downtime

Principles and Effects of the Cryolipo Procedure


The Clatuu cryogenic lipolysis procedure involves attaching a special device to the body to cause negative pressure suction in the adipose layer and cools the fat cells to below zero temperatures for 30 to 60 minutes. Panniculitis occurs in the cooled fat cells, which then spontaneously enter the cell death stage.

You will notice a decrease in the size of the procedure site a week after the procedure, and fat cells will decrease naturally over the course of 3 months. The effectiveness may vary depending on the individual physical constitution and pre- and post-procedural care.

Potential Procedure Sites

Upper body ArmsAbdomenSides
Lower body




Cryolipolysis procedure: 1 hour for each part

Post-procedural Precautions


The effects can be enhanced by regular exercise and maintaining good dietary practices after the procedure.

We recommend that the procedure be performed on multiple areas repeatedly for better results.

The procedure is not recommend to pregnant women and those with cold allergies, skin diseases, clotting disorder or autoimmune disorders.


1. Is it very painful?

In the first 10 minutes of the procedure when negative pressure suction is conducted, you may feel that the skin is being tightened or frozen, and it may feel stiff.

Afterwards, most people don’t feel any particular pain due to refrigeration anesthesia. Following the procedure, there may be bruising, sharp pain or numbed senses in the procedure site, but such symptoms disappear one to four weeks later.

2. How effective is the procedure?

You may notice a decrease in size a week after the procedure. The fat tissue will decrease over the course of 3 months after the procedure for sufficient effectiveness. The degree of effectiveness, however, varies depending on the individual physical constitution and pre- and post-procedural care, so make sure you sufficiently consult with the doctor before undergoing the procedure.

3. What are the pre- and post-procedural care and management methods?

It is important that you continue to exercise regularly and engage in desirable dietary practices to reach your recommended body weight. Also, we advise that you consult with your doctor on performing the cryogenic lipolysis procedure on multiple areas repeatedly, or combining it with another procedure or drug therapy for better results.

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