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What is Body Beauty Injection?

Body Beauty Injection is a treatment with a botulinum toxin. It reduces the movement of the muscles to create a smooth body line. When injected into sweaty areas such as hyperhidrosis, it reduces sweat glands and reduces sweat secretion.

Body Beauty Injection treatment area


Candidates for Treatment

01 Ones with stout and thick neck

02 Ones who aren’t satisfied with their shoulder shapes

03 Ones who want beautiful collarbones

04 Patients with shoulder pains

01 Ones with extremely developed calf muscles

02 Patients who don’t want resections or surgeries

03 Ones with imbalanced right and left calf muscles

04 Ones who are hiding their bulging our calf muscles by wearing pants

01 People who want to stop with the excessive perspiring during interview and weddings

02 Ones who worry about compensatory hyperhidrosis

03 People who would like to stop just one side of the body stop perspiring

04 Ones who find other treatments ineffective or who suffer from side effects

Body Beauty Injection treatment effect

– It reduces the trapezius of the shoulder to create a smooth line.

– It reduces the gastrocnemius that makes the calf’s biceps and makes smooth lines.

– It reduces the occurrence of armpit sweating.

Body Beauty Injection Duration

The improved effect shows after 2 to 3 weeks, and lasts for about 6 months

Post-treatment Cares

– Calves Be careful to wear high heeled shoes after the treatment.

– After the procedure, swelling, bruising at the injection site, and slight itching disappear naturally.

– Do not touch or lie down on the injection site for 3-4 hours after the procedure.

– Do not rub or scratch the procedure area.

– After the procedure, please refrain from a hot sauna and heavy exercise for a week.

– Please visit the hospital if there is any pain or persistent redness in the injection site for more than one day.

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