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Non-surgical Facial Lifting: Blue-rose Lifting

The Blue Rose Lifting procedure involves fixing absorbable threads in the fascia of the skin to lift the face.

It is a non-surgical facelift procedure using special-grade medical thread, which gets dissolved inside the body. A thread with hooks that are reminiscent of the thorns on a rose stem is inserted into sagging skin that has lost its elasticity to lift it up.


Characteristics of Blue-rose Lifting

1. Powerful lifting effect compared to the conventional thread lifting procedures

The threads used in Blue Rose Lifting are made using a molding method, and it is three times more effective compared to the existing threads.


2. Skin tightening effect

The threads have hooks that are similar to rose thorns, which lift up the skin in a very effective way to make the skin appear firmer and tighter.


3. Long-lasting

Unlike the threads produced using a cutting method, the threads used in Blue Rose Lifting are made in the molding method so that the tensile strength of the PDO threads can be maintained at 100%. This means that the effects of the lifting procedure are long-lasting.


4. First thread to be approved for fixing facial tissue in Korea

The threads that are used in Blue Rose Lifting are special-grade medical PDO threads that have been approved by the US FDA and KFDA for fixing facial issues in facelift procedures.


Effects of Blue Rose Lifting


1. Immediate lifting effect

An immediate lifting effect is achieved using lifting threads to pull and lift the skin


2. Increased skin elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis

Cellular tissues around the threads are activated and collagen synthesis is stimulated to boost skin elasticity


3. Reduced side effects and downtime

Reduced swelling and bruising with almost no scars compared to the conventional thread lifting procedures

Candidates for Blue-rose Lifting

The ones who want to make instant and clear effects only with one session.

The ones who want to tighten the saggy skin to be looked younger.

The ones who want to change their plumpy facial figure to be an oval.

The ones who want to release wrinkle on nasolabial folds, around eyes and neck at one time.

Treatment Details

Effect: Lifting and increasing skin elasticity.

Duration: From three months up to three years.

Run-time: 30-40 minutes per a session.

Frequency: 2-5 sessions.

Post-Treatment Cares

1. Swelling and bruises will naturally disappear within 2 to 3 days.

2. Sleep in an upright position for 2 to 3 days after the procedure.

3. Do not irritate the procedure site by massaging the area, etc.

4. Avoid smoking and drinking for approx. 2 weeks.

5. You can start using the sauna 2 weeks after the procedure.

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