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What is BELKYRA/KYBELLA Fat Destroying Injection?

BELKYRA (known as KYBELLA in the US) fat removal injection is “the first and only” injectable treatment approved by the FDA for submental fat improvement”(* As of January 2018.) Unlike conventional contouring injections that simply reduce the size of the fat, it is characterized by the complete removal of fat by destroying the subcutaneous fat membrane.


Destroy the fat and get a defined jawline! 


Sagging skin due to aging, KYBELLA Fat Destruction Injection helps you get a more chiseled chin line.

Why KYBELLA of Hus-hu Dermatology’s Fat Removal Program?

At Asia’s one and only Filler International Advisory Board clinic, you will experience the combination of Hus-hu’s original technique and know-hows with KYBELLA which has received much worldwide attention. Now meet the defined face line that is healthy, safe and naturally improved.

1 World-recognized non-surgical technique

Hus-hu dermatology clinic is the only clinic in Asia where it was invited as a chairperson to hold anti-aging sessions and deliver lectures and live hands-on at the most prestigious conferences attended by medical professionals around the world, the Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) and the IMCAS World Congress.

– The only clinic in Asia with Ellanse International Advisory Board member

– Asia’s only clinic with Silhouette Software International Advisory Board member

– Invited to lecture Filler at 2018 World’s Largest Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2018 IMCAS)

– Invited to lecture Lifting, Filler and many mores at 2017 World Cosmetic Anti-Aging Society (2017 AMWC)


2 Golden ratio design from abundant experience


Under the same naming procedure, the results can vary depending on the technique and experience of the practitioner. Depending on whom you are treated with, you can become one of the typical Gangnam beauty monsters who seem to have been photographed at the factory, OR you can take out your own unique beauty from inside and create the most natural and beautiful appearance. The famous dermatologist of anti-aging Hus-hu Dermatology designs and finds the ideal golden ratios with customized procedures optimized for lifting and volume procedures.

2 Advisory Clinic of Anti-Aging Procedure &
Side Effects Correction Clinic

Hus-hu dermatology clinic is an advisory clinic of the anti-aging including two prominent procedures such as lifting and volume. Also, hus-hu is well known for correcting the side effects and the wrong procedures of other hospitals. Many patients who wish to correct and improve the unsatisfied results visit us for re-operation after anti-aging procedures such as thread lifting, filler, and contouring from other clinics.

– Silhouette soft, Ulthera, Thermage etc. Lifting advisory clinic & side effect correction clinic

– Ellanse and Filler advisory clinic & side effects correction clinic

* If there is stenosis in the submandibular region due to past procedures such as contouring injection, we perform the safety management system to solve the area.

3 Objective and accurate skin diagnosis using advanced equipment


Hus-hu dermatology clinic uses a 3D stereoscopic camera, VECTRA, and a high-tech skin screening, VISIA, which finds the golden ratio in design before procedure and leads to satisfactory and reliable treatment results

KYBELLA effect and feature

1. Formulated and developed by Allergan in the US, BELKYRA/KYBELLA is the only injectable drug that is approved by the US FDA for its effects of double-chin fat cell destruction in April 2015.

*More than 2,600 patients participated in approximately 20 clinical trials and more than 1,600 patients were treated with BELKYRA/KYBELLA.


2. Internationally used products


It has been continuously used in 25 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, and its effectiveness and safety have been verified.

3. Semi-permanent removal of double-chin and neck fat by destroying fat cells

Unlike general contouring injections, which simply reduce the size of the fat, it destroys the submental fat cells and completely removes fat. The destroyed fat cells do not recur, and you can see a semi-permanent double-chin fat removal.


KYBELLA may be right for you if:

– You’re bothered (unhappy, self-conscious, embarrassed) by fat under the chin, also known as submental fullness

– You feel the condition makes you look older or heavier than you actually are

– You don’t want to have surgery or general anesthesia

– You eat well and exercise, but submental fullness does not go away

KYBELLA Fat removal injection Procedure Time:

About 10 minutes (topical numbing cream)

KYBELLA Fat removal injection Recovery period:

No downtime (swelling can occur for 2-3days depending on individual condition)

Better results when with lifting procedures

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