What are Acne Scars?

If well cared for, acnes won’t recur, and acne scars would fade within a year. In cases of severe acne irritations, however, acne spots don’t recover well and are left with deep dents on the skin – these are called acne scars.
Plus, acne scars occur when aggravated by following acts; (1)when purulent, nodular, cystic acnes are neglected, (2)when acnes are maltreated and (3)if one pops acnes at home by squeezing forcefully, causing damages deep into the dermis layer.

Types of Acne Scars


pore03 Rolling Scar 

The most common form of bumpy acne scar

 Treatment │ Filler, Fraxel Dual, Floracel, Xcar, Subcision, eCo2, Accusculpt

pore04 Boxcar Scar 

Acne scar caved in box shaped

 Treatment │ Fraxel Dual, Floracel, Xcar, Punch elevation, eCo2

pore05 Ice-pick Scar

Narrow, deep, and vertical acne scar

 Treatment │ Fraxel Dual, Floracel, Xcar, Cros



Widen pores

 Treatment │ Fraxel Dual, Floracel, Peeling


 Elevated Scar

Scar which is raised from the surface of your skin

 Treatment │ Injection, Vascular laser treatment, Er-yag


There are two types of acne pigmentations – red acne pigmentation and post-infection pigmentation. If red spots show up on the skin for quite long after treatments, it’s the red acne pigmentation. Post-infection pigmentation tend to occur when one’s post-treatment acnes are exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays, causing the skin to show brownish pigments.

Why scar treatment at hus-hu?

● Clinic, composed of dermatologists 

Recently, there are so many negative results coming out from indiscriminate low-priced treatments done by general practitioners or specialists in different majors not dermatology. Even though it is same treatment you get, the result can be different and you might have side effects depending on your doctor. There must be huge differences in their abilities between dermatologist who have studied and conducted treatments about skin and specialist in other major. Especially scar treatment, it is required high level of skill so that only experienced dermatology who has studied about shape and depth of scars and condition of patients’ face or amount of muscle they have can do that without problems.

Do not forget to visit clinic which has dermatology when you have skin treatment.

● Clinic which has a member of International Medical Advisory Board


Hushu Dermatology Clinic has doctors who are member of ELLANSE International Medical Advisory Board, selected by Headquarter of Ellanse and silhouette soft, SINCLAIR Aesthetic, England

International Medical Advisory Board is selected under a set of strict criteria such as expertise and experiences in, and knowhow so there are only 12 doctor selected. International Medical Advisory Board is putting their effort for advances in medical technology by conducting various studies and researches for improving medical technique and developing new products.

● Various scar treatment program

Unlike other clinic which treat every kinds of scars with 1 or 2 types of lasers, hus-hu Dermatology Clinic offer comprehensive treatments such as Xcar, Filler injection, Dot Peel and Punch Elevation depending on patients’ conditions.

● Premium Aftercare

We maximize treatment effect by stimulating treated lesion with various equipment after treatments. It makes scar smoother and improves skin tightening.

● Doctor who teach other doctors

Doctors   With a lot of experience of treatments and knowhow, doctors in Hushu Dermatology Clinic conducts seminars for dermatologists and specialists in plastic surgery to share their treatment cases and teach how to perform treatment.

● Clinic which gets attention of the media

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