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What is AccuLift™?

ACCUSCULPT laser is used to selectively dissolve fat tissue in an accurate and safe way, so as to smooth and slim down the face and make the body appear smoother and toned. The fat repositioning effect also helps lift and tighten the skin.

Advantages and Effects of AccuLift

  • Point 1. Precise fat removing

It eliminates target fat using intense laser wavelength.

  • Point 2. Refined Facial Figure

The procedure is delicately done with indigenous treatment to make refined facial figure.

  • Point 3. Improving skin elasticity

It helps collagen reproduction in the layer of skin dermis and fat for elasticity.

  • Point 4. Safety

It is a world-class laser treatment approved by the U.S FDA and European CE

  • Point 5. Short treatment time

It helps patients save time as they can finish in only 30 minutes.

  • Point 6. The least pain and swelling

General anesthesia and incision are not required. Patients rarely feel pain and find bruise and swelling after the treatment

  • Point 7. A quick recovery

Patients get recover quickly and safely without hurting neighboring skin tissue and blood vessel.




Appliable Areas of AccuLift

1. Face

Forehead, glabella, under-eye fat, cheeks, laugh lines, mouth area, chin, double chin


2. Upper body

Polymastia, gynecomastia, abdominal fat, fat in the upper arms, love handles, etc.


3. Lower body

Fat in the thighs, knees, calves and ankles


Treatment Procedures of AccuLift

Step 1. Consultation and design

  • The procedure site is determined and a design is made based on in-depth consultation.

Step 2.  Anesthesia

  • A local anesthesia is administered to the procedure site.

Step 3. Procedure

  • ACCUSCULPT laser is used to dissolve fat, which is then suctioned out using a cannula.

Step 4. Results check

  • The patient is asked to visit the clinic after a week to check the results.

How AccuLift Works


AccuLift is the world’s first laser to be equipped with the 1,444nm wavelength mode. Compared to the 1,064nm and 1,320 wavelength modes, AccuLift’s 1,444nm wavelength mode is characterized by high water and fat absorption, which enables accurate and selective fat destruction.


√ Efficient fat removal

√ Skin tightening

√ Collagen remodeling

√ Protection of surrounding tissues (low energy)

√ Minimal thermal damage


√ 1,444nm wavelength mode for a flawless facial lifting and sculpting action

√ Removal of the area with excess fat in a simple and comfortable manner


√ Re-operation after aging is possible

√ High satisfaction rate, with maximum results obtained in a short amount of time

AccuLift VS Conventional Liposuction

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