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What is 3D Ulthera?

3D Ulthera is a piece of equipment that uses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) knife (HIFU-Knife). It is a next-generation equipment used to give a facelift using ultrasound, without making any surgical incisions. Without causing any damage to the surface of the skin, it can be used to bring forth lifting, tightening and firming effects, as the doctor performs the procedure while watching the target layer inside the skin using the built-in ultrasound system.



What is HIFU-Knife?


HIFU-Knife is an expensive, state-of-the-art medical equipment that is used to selectively cause necrosis in cancer cells, while watching the treatment site on the monitor, without having to make a surgical incision. The principle of operation is comparable to lighting a piece of black paper on fire by focusing solar heat using a convex lens. Ulthera is a miniature version of HIFU-Knife surgical equipment used to kill cancer cells, and it is the first HIFU-Knife equipment (manufactured by Ulthera, USA) designed to be used in the dermatology and plastic surgery fields.


What is SMAS?


SMAS fascia is located 4.5mm deep from the skin surface beneath the skin and fat layers.

It is usually targeted during face lift plastic surgery or injection. Ulthera is a medical device that makes selectively treat this area with an ultrasound image.



Strengths of 3D Ulthera

  1. Effective enough even with a single procedure
  1. Uses ultrasound energy

Stimulates the skin without causing damage to the surface, as it uses ultrasound energy, and results in lifting, tightening and firming effects

  1. Increases effectiveness by concentrating the energy inside the skin
  1. Treatment is performed while watching the skin structure

The doctor checks whether the energy is reaching the desired depth while administering the procedure

  1. Targeting treatment for the SMAS layer

Fundamental lifting treatment by targeting the SMAS layer, which is important in facelift procedures

  1. FDA-approved lifting equipment

This is the sole lifting method approved by the FDA of Korea (other lifting equipment has been approved for wrinkle treatment purposes only)




Effects of 3D Ulthera

  1. Simultaneously addresses the issues of wrinkles and elasticity
  1. A facelift (cosmetic surgery) effect with a single procedure
  1. A safe procedure with almost no downtime
  1. Minimal damage to the surrounding tissues

Comparison between 3D Ulthera and Other Equipment


Type of Energy


Type of Transferred Energy

Availability to observe skin structure

Damage on the skin surface

FDA Approval


High intensity ultrasound

SMAS (the deepest)




Eye lifting







Eye wrinkle removal

Fractional Laser






Eye wrinkle removal


F. What kind of effects can I expect from 3D Ulthera?

For the eye area, it can be used to lift the eyebrow line, making the eyelids appear less droopy and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, so that the eyes appear sharp and lively. Also, it can be used to tighten the sagging cheeks, and this in turn diminishes the laugh lines and lifts the skin from the mouth to the jawline and around the mouth. The jawline becomes slimmer and sharper, and it also helps improve the skin texture and tone.

F. How many procedures are necessary?

One or two procedures can yield satisfying results; however, the results differ depending on the individual characteristics, so we recommend that you make your decision after observing the results after the procedure.

F. How does it feel after the procedure?

You will feel a stinging or prickling sensation and it will feel warm inside the skin. These sensations are caused by the delivery of ultrasound energy to the skin tissues by 3D Ulthera for lifting and tightening actions.

F. Which areas of the face and neck can it be used on?

It can be used on the entire face including the forehead, eye area, jawline and cheeks, as well as the neck.

F. Do I need specific follow-up cares after the treatment?

Specific cares are not required and you can promptly go back to your daily routine after the treatment. You might have slight redness on the face right after the treatment, but it will disappear in a few hours.

F. Do I need additional treatment afterward?

As the aging process in the skin naturally continues, receiving additional treatment is recommended to maintain the effect as time passed.

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